Liquid Gold Super Bond/Glue 4 Promo Offer

Liquid Gold Super Bond/Glue 4 Weaves Adhesive 1/2 oz

Liquid Gold Super Bond/Glue 4 Weaves Adhesive 1/2 oz

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Product Features

  • Super hair bonding glue
  • Stronger than normal hair glue
  • Colurless and odourless

Product descriptions
Description : Liquid Gold bonds up to 5 times stronger, and lasts 5 times longer than traditional latex bonding glues.

Liquid Gold's unique formula allows you to use it in conjunction with heat (curling irons, flat irons etc.).

Stylists can offer Liquid Gold Bond Fusion services without the need for expensive equipment.

It is useful for braids, extensions, and for highlights and lowlights.
It can be used for wefted and loose hair (off wefted bonding).

Liquid Gold can be applied close to the scalp, dries soft, pliable, invisible and will not melt off.

It contains no water, and does not smell like ammonia or formaldehyde and dries clear.

Liquid Gold never has to be reapplied due to product drying (latex glues have to be bonded quickly before it dries).

In fact, the drier Liquid Gold gets after being applied to the weft, the better it will bond.

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