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Beemy Honey Cream of Youth Antiwrinkle Firming - 50 ml

Beemy Honey Cream of Youth Antiwrinkle Firming - 50 ml

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Product Features

  • Restoring and lifting action
  • Intensive nourishment for the skin
  • Contains beeswax and royal jelly

Product descriptions
Description : The cream of youth joins a rich texture and high performance. The precious emollient honey, the intensive nourishing and tonic beeswax and royal jelly and an exclusive active complex pro youth [EcoSamba PRO] extracted from tropical fruits-Mo Bean, mango and a banana with restoring, lifting and pumping action
If use constantly, morning and evening, helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin tone and firmness. The skin looks soft, hydrated and radiant.
Apply morning and evening on face and neck after a delicate cleansing.
Honey, Beeswax, Tropical Fruits.
Why the Honey?
Our honey has always been used for skin and hair beauty care: it is mainly composed of water and glucides able to give an intense supply of hydration useful when the hydrolipidic layer is impoverished as in case of dry and arid hair and skin
The Beemy Honey cosmetic take advantage of the honey properties, together with propolis, ...

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