Ceramic gloves large for arthritis Get Rabate

Ceramic gloves large for arthritis

Ceramic gloves large for arthritis

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Description : Ceramic gloves have helped a striking number of people with pain in their hands, either due to rheumatoid arthritis or to poor circulation which causes a sensation of constantly cold hands. For the product to function well, the wearer needs to generate a little warmth themselves which is then reflected back. The gloves themselves are thin and if it is cold outside, we recommend that you wear other gloves on top of ours if you wish to use them outdoors. Fabric consists of 100% polypropylene (with ceramic powder) The ceramic gloves come in 3 sizes S 6-7cm, M 7-8cm, L 8-9cm wrist size across palm under fingers. Uses for cold hands, pain relief, arthritis sufferers, Raynauds. Lightweight hand warmer ceramic gloves can be worn under outdoor gloves.

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